Poems by Dr Lr. S. Prasad

Poems by Dr. Lr. S. Prasad



Thirty trillion cells with cohabitation of forty trillion good, bad, ugly bacteria
mostly in his digestive cafeteria, this human body is a neglected utopia!
One lakh kilometers of blood vessels you could go round earth two and a half times,
With a continuous lubdub of heart a lakh times a day two and a half billion times in lifetimes,
Pumping one million barrels of blood , what it needs is one to five watts continuous power supply!

Human is made up of seven octillion atoms, after seven how many zeroes? Twenty seven!
Remember! Our Andromeda galaxy has mere three hundred billion stars in heaven!
Human brain contain eighty six billion nerve cells with hundred trillion nerve connection,
More than the stars in the Milky Way, with the two hundred miles an hour speed action!

If his DNA were uncoiled, it would stretch to ten billion miles, can go to Pluto and come back,
One ml of human sperm contains two to three hundred million sperm cells in munition
And one mister Spermato Romeo is enough to produce a child and he races in competition
To reach the largest human cell miss Ovum thirty times wider and wiser than him!



With what demonic dreadful dagger
We replaced the god’s gift of innocence?
With what poisonous vapour we stagger
And satisfy our beastly satanic presence?
What vicarious pleasure insists a mugger
To rapere a victim in cruel vehemence?

Why the helplessness of a victim
Makes a predator more vicious?
Why a materialistic gain of a system
Makes a citizen, a criminal rapacious?
Why victorious thugs always did claim
The women with intention malicious?

The rapist has plans for all seasons,
His timing was the time only to unshelf
His penetrative power to prove himself
He or she but the dominance reasons,
“First let me do it!” and the world know,
“My urge be cooled on a docile cub or elf!”-

And like a wolf in the lamb’s wool
He prepares his background cool
His enemity against the opposite gender
Broods in him silently to a bender
When opportunity opens the weak door
The scorn of his virility spills poison flour!

Every house witnesses atleast a score
Forced unions with grapes turned sour
Perspectives differ but hurt sulks in core
Wars on home beds and battlefields store
Enough calamity that explodes at sex door!

When the calamity struck them like a bolt
What can a hapless victim do in that jolt?
Fight, flight, frieze, friend, fawn or flop,
The survival responses try to cover a flap!
Mind struggles to push it to a remote corner,
Soul wriggles for long in the morality garner!

In a dominant society rape is an instrument of humiliation,
An abasement of pride to the rival group seeking retaliation,
The winner takes the spoils and women to decimate retribution,
Instills his seeds to ratify his power with mating contribution!
Society’s laws and procedures further rape the victim in question,
Rape myth acceptance, just world fallacy leads to secondary victimization!

It is we humans with boundaries of race, religion, caste, creed and groupism,
Made our world unsafe to women, children and weak, we all live in fear prism!
Our wars ended with atrocities, our borders testify this masked heroism!
We read stories of rape and see visuals with interest in perversive zoom!
All our media analyzes the incident frame to frame but fails to predict the gloom!
As most of the individuals are rape prone, this society is inching towards doom!



The sleep is in my mouth
And the stone is on my blood—
Gagged and dragged on ground,
And many a male rod of land,
Are all on my bleeding wound,
O, are they satisfied now?

We shepherds, we believe in words
And, when i breathed in agony,
My body cried by the beasts on me
For — the demons have fangs of enemy
And the spears they pierce so many
O, are they satisfied now?

And they spoke filth i barely understand,
And they hate crushed my pallid land —
A revenge they planned on my tender slips,
In the temple-yard they gored my shout
And I cried, they pounded me in and out
“O, are they satisfied now?

And thus they talked about a lesson
With each thrust they yelled victory
An irrevocable vow to teach my clan
With each beast pushing a story
And to create terror in a lone caravan
“O, are they satisfied now?

Lo! they wrenched my hands to my back
And they blasted the stone on my neck –
Gagged and dragged me on that ground,
And many a male rod of land,
With final push into my dying deck
O, are they satisfied now?

While i was dying— while i was dying —
They have the erection and the vow —
And thought of my fate to be low
And the heinous thrust on a dying bud,
Devil’s roar and killers sadist crying
O, are they satisfied now?

What deities could i awaken?
For I sleep eternally— why I know not!
And my body is sorely shaken,
And i am dead, what is my fault?
And my soul look at the demons vault,
O, are they satisfied now?

The sleep is in my mouth
And the stone is on my blood—
Gagged and dragged on that ground,
And many a male rod of land,
Are all on my bleeding wound,
O, are they satisfied now?

Copyright@Dr. Lsr prasad 14-4-2018

(Edgar Allan Poe- Bridal Ballad)

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