Poems by Radhey Shyam Varshney 

Poems by Radhey Shyam Varshney 



Why men look at women?
Here and there everywhere
Though look from eyes
But with a pre-disposed mind
Here is answer of the question:
To possess and subjugate her as personal possession

Women tender and beautiful
Alike freely flying butterfly
Men try to catch and hold
To make them own possession
To use them for selfish purpose and gratification.

Having possessed willingly or forcefully
Then… to consume for self gratification
Eve teasing, molestation Sexual violence, domestic subjucation
Thereby breaking her wings
And leave her crying
In shackles of patriarchic tradition
On the roads, inside rooms, within home
In the name of girl friend, wife
Subjugating her total life
As a thing of personal possession

How long women will be treated
As personal possession?
Squeezing and throwing away
Keeping them under mental agony, supression
Anxiety, depression hypertension
To live and die in subjugation
How long women will remain
As man’s personal possession?
Under his subjugation?



Nothing in Universe there is,
From Earthsphere to Moonsphere
Even beyond in Abode of Gods’ sphere
Which is free from
Prakarti and
Not governed by
Prakari generated three guna/constituent/strand.
Proclaimed Shri Krishna.

Tamah: solid, dark, dead, in sleeping slumber; represented by colour: black, blue and soil-yellow

Rajah: active, energetic, dynamic; represented by colour: bright red and orange.

Sat: light, shine, illumine; represented by colour of light: white and bright yellow

Beyond these is “Sattvam”
Illuminating illumine
“Param Tejomay Jyotirmaya”
From whom
even thousands Sun
get their illumine
Omnipotent omnipresent
Indestructible Supreme.

This elucidate:
I am Asat I am sat;
Neither I am Asat nor I am sat;
I am in them
They are not in Me
Prakarti and guna three.
This clarifies
The essence of scriptural wisdom
So hopelessly lost
In translation,
Leaving aside/ignoring the meaning of “Sattvam”; and
Bemused ly created confusion
By modern religious teachers, preachers.



Instead of talking,
teaching, preaching to others
First realise 
That I am soul.
Then visualise
That all others are
Deflection of ame soul.
Realise visualise
That we all are
Reflection of same Soul

Reflected and deflected
By one Supreme Soul
Otherwise a body individually
An agglomeration of organs
A mass of people collectively
Born to die
To become dust and ash
To meet in dust

In it lies the unity of all
Nature, creatures, humans
Beyond and underneath
All wordly manifestations.

In it lies the true knowledge
In it lies the true wisdom.

(c) @Radhey ShyamVarshney 


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