Poems by Varsha Saran

Poems by Varsha Saran
When this road of life will end!!
So much….
Ups and downs
Potholes and drowned
With the endless memories of
Our journey ;
Just like thr endless expressions of a clown….
He Mimics, laughs and presents himself
Like a poor guy
How innocent!!
How dumb!!
But he cleverly hides his tears
Under the mask of super happiest!!
Why he chooses
Such challenging job!!
Where no one cares for his satisfaction
Everyone enjoys on his jokes and
All fun activities
And when he returns back to his
Lonely , damp chamber
And cried a lot
Do You know
Why he acts like this!!
I tell you …..
Only compulsions…
Endless Compulsions….
Are there….
And transformed him as a comedian
And comedians are the toughest warriors
That fight till their last breath !!
Varsha Saran
Divine in me
I have a world in me
In my hectic life style
A mob is there,
To chase with time
And quarrelling with each other
To compete
And to satisfy it’s ego
Several thoughts
Several desires
Are running
But when I feel an oceanic depth
In the silence…
I feel my soul
My mind
Only me
(Divine in me)
Varsha Saran copyrighted

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