The Verge – Caroline Nazareno – Gabis / A tribute to all directors of GALAKTIKA POETIKE ATUNIS

A tribute to all the old & new directors of GALAKTIKA POETIKE ATUNIS based in Albania directed by Agron Shele
Thank you for embracing me for four years in the family that we cherish beyond borders.


The Verge

Let the tumbleweeds
of Renaissance break off
in any way the wind blows,
tantamount to the multidimensional Consciousness,
beyond the horizon;
Let the fractals
seize every inch of gestalt inspired canvas,
to manifest reflections
of then and now
of here, there and everywhere
beyond the numbers;
Let the mnemonics of archetypal breakthroughs
in our unembellished Reality,
uncover the unspoken languages
between mankind, nature and other creations
beyond the reasons;
Let the tenets of beauty
flaunt in grace, in harmony, in truth—
the bedrock of all colors,
within the pores and anthems of Oneness,
the nexus of masterpieces–


© Caroline Nazareno Gabis aka Ceri Naz
World Poetry Canada International Director

poster credit to dear Sunita Paul
this poem was also first sent to the Axlepino Publishing
in memory of Ms. Alicia Bernal

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