Poems by Tanni Bose

Poems by Tanni Bose



You are the aroma of existence
Bewitched in time
Sewed and sutured with feathery emotions
Mastered with splendid care
Served with silvery tears
Savored with golden joy
Nectar for lovers immortal
Your birthday is the birth of mankind.


Marriage of minds

Pomp and show prearranged
With lights, flavored food, gorgeous dresses
Aroma of cheerfulness all around
Oath and swearing in ceremony through
Marriage solemnized
The world greeted-
But the groom and bride remained spaced out
Neither physical beauty nor graced intelligence
Helped them come close
In silence they departed
Fragrance and flavor of togetherness evaporated into oblivion
He was liberated and thus was she
It wasn’t marriage of true minds.


The matter of symbiosis

In an uncluttered and open zone for combat
Where we are nested with safe refuge
Where we are insecure, yet boost of plethora of security
Where we pompously carry an armor to shield our corrugated self
Where life stands on foot and struggles to balance
At the end of the long-drawn day
The dream of symbiosis constellates our mind
And we believe we are betrayed.



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