Koel Calls / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn


Koel Calls

The Koel cannot stop
It simply has to call out
It’s tough to decode the emotion

Is it a joyful note
Full of euphoria ?

Or a searching cry
Like a sheep bleating for its lamb ?

Perhaps it’s an inquisitive shout out to its mate

The tenor and tone remains constant
While the fragrant bunches of mango blossoms
Become tiny green baby mangoes clustered on a branch

The Koel knows that the winds have blown away a few flowers
Those that were not destined to be fruit
They got trampled under shoes

The Koel sits hidden amidst the deep green pointed leaves
She will keep up her yearning calls
Till the monsoon rains thrash the parched land
The damp winds heavy with desire
The coal black clouds gathered in an assembly
Till her throat tells her to stop
There is nothing more to sing for .

Copyright Lily Swarn 15.4.2018

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