Poems by Dasharath Naik

Poems by Dasharath Naik
Mind flutters to aspire more
In the azure sky of desires ;
Life stranded for the puzzles
That obstruct our growth
In the name of narrowness
And Humanity suffers
beyond limits ;
The silence is strangled
When mad rush causes stampede
And life unfortunately topples down ;
The indomitable and invincible spirit
But finally gets rusted as distrust rules
And morality sinks down
in the sea of time .
How can life fly with feet chained and
Wings already cut off by the Devil ?
Lovely Love loves loving life in love
Yet it is crushed in gruesome events
When innocence is gangraped
And trust shatters like a mirror :
Where is nobility of life ?
Forgotten myself in the world of my words, a ceaseless quest
For my off-spring straight from the heart and the best.
Fortunately feeling pregnant with the haunting emotion,
Fire of feelings kissing me and the world where I motion.
Freely roaming in the dark abyss of my oceanic mind
Fine-tuning my emotions drenched with tear and blood.
Frolics treasuring my sensibility with the advent of inspiration
Fun adding fuel to my creativity intensely wild and golden.
Foraging my words I lay busy day and night till exhausted,
Filigree using to enrich my poem lest it should be rejected.
Foregrounding thoughts in the blank paper of my mind,
Fabricating with a bit of my craziness as a cute child .
Fondling my words kissing my lines I go smiling heartily ,
Filaceous it appears and I sing
in full swing triumphantly.
Finally capturing me naturally to flow like an eternal stream
Farther till my ideas connect my
readers ,genuinely warm.
Lead me there
Where Love blossoms
And spreads its fragrance ;
Where Harmony sings from heart And Peace dwells like eternal spring terrain .
Lead me there
Where in merriment
Relationship whistles ;
Dreams shelter broken hearts ;
Hope boosts the frustrated souls
And Joy pours profound pleasure with drizzling rain ;
Lead me there
Where milk of Kindness oozes non-stop ;
Help extends help to wipe tears ;
Righteousness shines like the sun
And Trust binds hearts without bargain .
Lead me there
Where Truth prevails unquestionably ;
Character like pieces of diamond glow
Humanity rules to the tune of Happiness
And Life in full glee hopefully does sustain. .
*(c)Dasharath Naik

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