Black-Eyed Susan / Poem by Dr. Ranjana Sharan Sinha

Poem by Dr. Ranjana Sharan Sinha
Black-Eyed Susan
Helpless suffocated childhood
buried in the dark trenches
of uncertainty,
anaesthetized by hunger.
My eyes are locked
on the face of the
hungry, half-naked boy
playing in the dirt
shirring sandy soil;
hunger runs in his rib cage
like a ghost!
Maybe he’s waiting
for his mother-
Her random appearances
delight him with leftovers
or two small plastic cups
filled with tea.
Wedged under
constant cravings of bread,
her cuddles and kisses
remain aborted:
The mother’s bond with her son
rests on a precarious
thin thread.
They say-
starvation may turn him
into a swindler,a gangster
or a big crook;
who knows?
To me
he is an angel-
Deep and beautiful
like a grey evening
awaiting the arrival
of a jasmine-white moon!
I try to connect
the blue-grey figure
sitting under the flyover-
He seems to be a replica
of Lord Krishna:
an idol of Laddoo Gopal
enshrined in a small neglected
temple of Vrindavan!
The boy:
Adorable black- eyed susan
becomes a neologism
in the encyclopaedia
of religion!

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