Poems by Oteri Selvakumar

Poems by Oteri Selvakumar


Call the god

i want ask
simply questions…!

Who are you?

I am your child?

I am so poor

you are rich and rich

without works

how you can bee rich?

I am so sad

you say simply
‘all for sin’

every where
everything sin

dear god…
You also maybe sin



I call you again
dear god
with love

no no
with sin…

For some other.



Like your
Some of
You not
Like my image
If I am
Don’t ask
With you…
Image is
Just change
About a makeup
My real
Image is
You see
At my mind
About diside
In your mind
Other wise
Don’t time waste
My other image
It is not only
For you
With me


Love Bust

I see
in your eyes
my lovely heart
did you see
my heart
in your eyes?

please try
to see in your heart
in my eyes
it is not magic
it is love making
truly fun


this is fun?
no no

my eyes
so fighting
with your
funny heart

love me
love me

you missunder
with bust…
your hearty dust…

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