Poems by Asha Kiran Sharma

Poems by Asha Kiran Sharma


Selfless love

I can’t read your mind…
I can’t win your heart…

I am into you if you feel…
Like your own soul…

Why turning into flames…
Why burning into ashes…

Why frozen like an ocean…
Why mad like love storm…

Why we share or…
Publish our thoughts…

If love is true and pure…
It needs dedication…

If you win its your fame…
If you loose its your fate.


Souls never die

If your love is pure and true….
Even God can not stop …
Your noble souls to meet ….
Together high in the sky…
Pure Souls meet again…
Co’z pure love never dies.


Oh’ bloody rapists

I am a Girl Child
Greet Me with love
I am a Mother
I am a Sister
I am a Daughter
I am your smiles
I am your strength
I am your hope
I am a survivor
Don’t abuse me
Love me , protect me
Respect me , save me
To secure your future
Don’t rape , Rapists
Don’t be devil
Fear from God.


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