Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar

Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar
Haze of hide waits and awaits meandering into wriggling of road yet onto wilderness waking unto soul.
none but clouds in sky plume to see untold quest yet untrodden
for eyes to elate piqued up glory of unstinted gloss in heaven,
Knight of silence walks into hide of hindrance to behold unknown yet unseen never when uttered
in the mock of madness
as illusion prevails to prevaricate undauntedly
In void of cosmos spume of whites soars to heavenward to engross clarity of truth.
Here and there yet nowhere nothing is visible to exists
as black hole.intrigues to engulf all celestial entities
embodiment of purity Pierces into promise of persistence to pine away clouds
for soul to awaken by hales of emptiness raked in elusion
vision is no vision onto distance to draw line of direction.
truth of love is just crux of matter to be or not to be as moment sucked onshore
as magnet fluxes to form lines of force to carve portrait of attraction
as to be or not be is just a matter of empathy to preempt proclivity of being paroled.
Heart seems to rolls on glory of god
Impulsion meditates in deep silence to genuflect
for bounty of adoration to embrace
time yet tilts to.entail upon clarity of vision
elation marches to merge into arc of blue
for reality.
Clarity of crystal pulses to plume in white,
words become wordless as tide turns shy to ebb
rainbow kisses clouds to splatter rain.
Time trolls in hands of space less space of own ingenuity in quest of truth unknown
smacking to complex mathematics from abacus
Quest longs to belong another world of
deep ocean revered by evergreen tide beneath moon lit night of own delusion
yet illusive way of vision at times rocks me onto spumes of white soaring heaven ward to act on veracity of my faith and belief since my inception
dream rooted in me expands into roof of bournie to go beyond
to hold and to cradle on mellow lap of love
for soul to brace beauty of own enlightenment piquing up climes of new found land of elusive love as yet undefined
at times standing at Bay of ocean
I submit my dream to dive into deep of ocean to delve the truth what is yet lost in a time Immemorial protracted to prologue.
lest it may come up to play with waves to inveigle the hue of white soaring across void of universe,
like Knight of night to guard against muse less possibilities elsewhere to save humanity on this devolved niche of cosmos.
@dr.subhendu kar.

3 thoughts on “Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar

  1. Complimenti veri e sinceri per queste poesie dal contenuto molto interessante, che affascinano il lettore grazie alla grande maestria linguistica e alla leggiadrezza delle argomentazioni.E’ davvero un piacere leggerla caro dr.Subhendu Kar.Complimenti.

    • Il mio commento non e’ questo, qui ci sono molti errori rispetto a quello che ho scritto io.

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