Poems by Lopamudra Mishra

Poems by Lopamudra Mishra


On the eve of Dad’s birthday


Mummy never say you are alone,
Dad left us ,we still mourn,
We are with you as his representative,
So don’t blame your fate and cry alone,
We cry ,we wipe our tears to find him in you,
I know Mum ,Dad’s place is irreplaceable,
Just remember, he often use to say we are his soul,
You are our soul,
When I see you in tears,
I crumble to thousand pieces,
Yet I hide my bruises ,smile in front of you,
To cheer you ,uplift your mood,
So that your laughter will become our endeavor,
To start our day with your guidance and assurance,
With a pleasing feeling that you are with us in every circumstance.

We saw you strong, heart breaking to see you weak,
Very much disheartening to find you succumb to bed,
We want to see you as the same strong mum,
Whose delicious food craves my hunger more,
And you , stuffing to my mouth bulges my belly out,
Your words ,we value,
Your presence is valuable,
Don’t think you are negligible,
You are our sweetest mum and we are your naughty kids.




Without any relevant cause,
Weaving a thought of own,
You accused me ,
Took advantage of my silence,
You took the privilege to certify my personality
As a lady with no moral conduct,
What you want to present?
A woman is an easy prey to allegation,
Assualtation and rejection,
She is a timid toy ,a beautiful infatuation,
Whose emotions are negligible,
Whose priority can be offend able,
Whose image is to be decorated in the walls of living room,
Whose smile will evoke fire to your ribcage,
You consider yourself truthful,
respectful towards womanhood,
A pious person with 100% perfection,
What will I say to you,
An adorable character, true devotee of humanity
Or ???
Its very easy to speak words ,
Easy to hurt sentiments
Easy to reach conclusion,
Now enough of this easiness let this gloom to seclusion.

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