FORGIVENESS / Poem by Gemma Dupont

Poem by Gemma Dupont
Forgive yourself gracefully.
Indulge no more.
Bathe yourself in absolution.
Fear not the resolution.
Earning an earnest resolution could exonarte yo from burden.
Unbridled conscience could lead the way to sabation.
Our health is meant to mend.
Mending means understanding the trends of ernestly erning optimal well being.
Enhancing our general conditions is to unshckle ourselves from our sins.
Easy notion is the motion and
the motion is the notion of self indulgence.
All too often we procrastinate within the state of self hate.
Darkness beckons those who are unresolved.
Let’s climb to the summit and cleanse our soul with pure light.
Let’s cleanse ourselves with positive and vibrant energy.
This will give site to what is right.
This might strive you to thrive.
Self forgiveness will enhance your life.
Forgiving others will brighten all our lives.
Forgive others gracefully.
I often attempt clemency with multitude of results.
I hear that forgiveness is the path to enlightenment.
For sometimes I resist this course of action.
Hence, accepting ‘What Is’, is probably my only solution for absolution.
Resulting in allowing it ‘to be’.
Allowance is tolerance to the penance.
Obliging the subject to just be ‘In the Moment’.
Granting us not to resist ‘What Is’.
Lifting us from pending doom.

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