Obella Stephen ( Uganda)

Obella Stephen
Obella Stephen is a Ugandan poet, lyricist, stage performer. He was born in Eastern Uganda, Amuria District on 16th Feb, 1996. Obella started writing as a means of healing from emotional turmoil that had distablised him after his Dad was poisoned to death, and later on after the death of his poor mother. He has been published in various anthologies, magazines, and News papers within Africa, Asia and America.
HOWEVER, Obella has written a joint, unpublished novel, ‘STRUGGLE TO SEE LIGHT’ with Onoko Isaac exposing the wars in Teso Region, and the torturing impact of street life on deserted, innocent African children. Thus, he is looking for any Good Samaritan in any corner of the universe to help him publish that novel.
This is my wretched half dead life;
Of deeply sunken sockets, skeletal skeleton:
The countable brown hair on my shinny head,
Like grass on the hard rock
Walking back to the dust.
My life is a yellow tired leaf,
Falling far from the nimbus clouds:
Life enjoys those who enjoyed life;
Death knows no bribes of heroes, dice or drugs;
So; I see a four-edged coffin lay on my eyes;
I see the open mouthed grave ready to swallow me up
Into its black belly of final call:
As I groan on this expensive death bed,
Begging for chance to complete my riches;
As coffin makers pray with upside facing anus.
As my countable ribs breathe final breath;
I feel the hand of death slowly touch me;
I see million graves beneath my skeleton:
I see true enemies, I see false friends celebrate,
With crocodile tears down their cheeks.
For death is life’s own shadow,
Peeping through open windows.
I recall sweet wasted days,
Between women’s hell-made gates to thighs,
A woman’s body is a kingdom of death.

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