Late spring / Poem by Hana Shishiny

Poem by Hana Shishiny


Late spring

April is why not you
Spring.and flowers, and shiny sun too
In heavy winter, we wandered too long
Snow blanket..and gloomy sky beyond..

What keeps you hesitant
To heal the grieving trees
Let them blow their songs
And let their buds free…

Oh winter..I do understand
Your hold…and not the letting go
It is with broken heart,to turn your back
With weeping…and grieving ego…

Your tears pouring rain
Of your lovelorn sky in pain
Your tired howling winds
That refuse to accept the end…

I see some wild flowers
Against the odd of seasons
Showing heads with power
Stealthily announce the begin…

The promise of tomorrow
The chirping of coming birds
Life will push this day to go
The miracle of creation, has to be heard…


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