Mónika Tóth (Romanian)

Mónika Tóth (Romanian)
I was born in Covasna on 14th April,1980. I graduated high-school in Humanities at Körösi Csoma Sándor in Covasna and then I studied accountancy in my hometown.
I am interested in culture and fond of reading, painting, philosophy and photography.
I like Romanian,Turkish , Russian, South-American and Norwegian literature..
I am passionate the poetry. My new book of poetry is published with “Your absence makes me thin” (Soványít hiányod) title. .
My poetry has appeared in Romanian literary magazines such as Boema,Oglindă literară..
I write your name
dedicated my nice friend Romanian Vasile
I write your name
in my soul
and forever it will stay
your name is tattooed on my heart
and forever it will stay
your name is my favorite word
your name is like a melody
I am glad to meet you
I am so blessed
God bless you.
about you
dedicated my best Romanian friend Vasile
your kindness
I feel it pulsate
within me
caress my soul
your goodness
I feel it pulsate
within me
caress my heart
I like your eyes
just like the morning sun
wonderful and peaceful
oh, those golden brown eyes
so fine, so warm
i like it.
The night
Old and ugly
I am alone again.
I am tired.
I am desolate and sad.
Oh! Embrace me,
be with me forever
You are my beautiful angel.
No more struggle.
I love you with all my heart and soul
I want to be
I want to be
on my own
rather than
dying soul.
I am not. I am not Sleeping Beauty
i am not a magnificent
i am not a fighter
i am not a Princess
I am not a porcelain doll
i am just a simple woman
I am just a dreamer
call me Mónika.
I opened my eyes
I opened my eyes
a rose look at me
my heart flutters.
I see your eyes
i see your eyes
dedicated my nice Romanian friend Vasile
oh, what endless joy
because your eyes
essence of life
magic of moment
dear friend
your beautiful, deep
and shine brown eyes
say it all.

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