Poem by Lilian Woo

Poem by  Lilian Woo



Never underestimate the power of touch
A tender loving touch could do so much
It has the potential to bring comfort
Turn life around with kind words
An honest compliment
An encouragement
An appreciation
Words of motivation
A heart that listens
Instill confidence
An act of caring
Give the joy of living.



If you have a strong purpose in life
Your passion will drive you to the sky
Life is not being popular or perfect
It is your attitude that earns respect

Life comes with roses and thorns
Learn to be positive, remain strong
The moment of today’s story
Becomes tomorrow’s memory

Move forward, accept changes
Ready to confront any hurdles
Enjoy every moment of your life
Treasure the gift of life.



Reasoning is an act of understanding
To be agreeable on logical thinking
Before taking any drastic actions
Understand the depth, the reason

A peaceful mind gives sound reasoning
Prevent the thoughts from wandering
Avoid taking hasty decision
Be cautious before passing judgement

Wrong judgement could ruin a person
Make no confusion, have sufficient evidence
Life is a gift from above with passion
Humankind, advocate compassion

A fair and good reasoning make you wise
A right decision could change your life
Our journey through life consist of check and balances
Have the confidence to confront any challenges.


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