WORLD FESTIVAL OF POETRY WM – World Poetic Front for Defending Women’s Rights


WM – World Poetic Front for Defending Women’s Rights

The World Festival of Poetry (WFP), owning its faculty as a worldwide philanthropic organization and advocating with our activist representation in the five continents, specially acting with impartiality and neutrality on conflicts of social deterioration and humanitarian crises: Condemns and Declares the following,


  1. We condemn, all forms of violent interference attempting against the right of people to self-determination, territorial integrity, and the sovereignty of
  2. We condemn, every action exerted by foreign interests in all the countries next to the Levantine Sea, specially the events and boundaries that surround Idlib, Aleppo, Kobane, Dar-El-Sakah, Homs, Damascus, as well as the Turkish-Kurdistan and Iraqi borders, even the populations at north of Lebanon and Jordan.
  3. We unequivocally condemn all acts, methods and practices of the Plurinational State-Terrorism against foreign targets or against civilians and children, which cannot be justified under any circumstances, regardless of their motivation, in all their forms and manifestations, wherever and by whomsoever committed.
  4. We are also expressing disapproval and condemning, the irresponsible mass-media manipulation and misrepresentation of distorted news, following the interests of dishonest persons who take advantage of the diversity of cultures, traditions and religions, far from uniting them in peace, order and progress, instead sink them into situations of conflict bordering on fundamentalism and internal civil war in order to destabilize the autonomous and independent governments of the area, going against diverse acts of humanitarian and professional principles of solidarity.
  5. Finally, we urge to the UN Security Council, to exert the participation mechanisms of international law, of the Geneva Conventions and subsequent statements, as well as of the non-governmental authorities dealing with World Human Rights Organizations, to demand the cessation of camouflaged “unilateral” hostilities in the exercise of the power of allied countries against the nations of the Middle East

Below, following signatures of WFP-IOC (International Organizing Committee), continental directors and poets of the world.


WM – World Poetic Front for Defending Women’s Rights

Hoy, Abril 14 de 2018, El WFP (Festival Mundial de Poesía) en su calidad de organismo filantrópico a nivel mundial, teniendo representación activista en los cinco continentes y ayudando constantemente en conflictos de deterioro social y crisis humanitarias,

C      O      N      D      E       N      A

  1. Toda forma de injerencia violenta que atente contra el Principio de Libre Autodeterminación de los pueblos y la soberanía de las naciones.
  2. Toda acción ejercida por intereses extranjeros en zona de los países del Levante Mediterráneo, especialmente en los hechos y demarcaciones que circundan Idlib, Alepo, Kobane, Dar-El-Sakah, Homs, Damasco, además de las fronteras Turco-Kurdistanas e Iraquíes y en las poblaciones al norte de Líbano y Jordania.
  3. Condenamos contundentemente, todos los actos, métodos y prácticas propias del Terrorismo de Estado Plurinacional, en contra de objetivos civiles y niños, por lo que no justificamos, bajo ninguna circunstancia e independientemente de cualquier motivación, toda forma y manifestación que atente contra el pueblo sirio.
  4. Las manipulaciones de los mass media en el manejo de noticias tergiversadas, siguiendo intereses de ejércitos sin escrúpulos que se aprovechan de la diversidad de culturas, tradiciones y religiones en el área que lejos de unirlas en términos de paz, orden y progreso; las hunden en situaciones de conflicto que rayan el fundamentalismo y la guerra civil interna con el objeto de desestabilizar gobiernos autónomos e independientes de la zona, yendo en contra de todo principio de solidaridad humanitaria y profesional.
  5. Finalmente insta al H. Consejo de Seguridad de la ONU, a ejercer los mecanismos de participación propios del derecho internacional, de las convenciones de Ginebra y posteriores, así como de las instancias que se ocupan de los Derechos Humanos, a demandar el cese de hostilidades “unilaterales” camufladas en el ejercicio del poder de países aliados en contra de las naciones del Medio Oriente.

Siguen firmas de directores continentales, WFP-IOC y poetas alrededor del mundo que demandan paz inmediata y la imperante salida de grupos extranjeros y desestabilizadores en la zona.


Daniel Olivares V.                                              Malak   Sahioni

WFP – IOC                                                                WFP – IOC



The magnitude of this Peace Project has no boundaries for world peace is our social responsibility. We are living on the verge of destruction, witnesses of the suffering of innocent families. Silence   make us accomplices of war, all that is ill and virulent. Let raise our voices together as poets of the world for only our activism, love and brotherhood can change war for peace, bullets for love.

World Poetry Festival (WFP) is a universal organization joining poets from all over the World. We believe in fraternity, creating international mechanisms for peace, promoting agreements for a better humankind, giving happiness and fostering solidarity for the people. Spreading poetry and the power of words, making pragmatic actions supporting essential needs of populations, or any living being able to produce poetry before our eyes.

The World Poetic Front for Defending Women’s Rights (WM), is the armed wing of WFP (World Festival of Poetry (WFP). We achieve our main goal by joining the poetic activists’ forces of all the countries on our planet. We believe in our continuous work, awareness, education, actions. The real continuum of Peace social transformation and the poetry of peace and brotherhood.

Contact us:

WFP Logo:  Represents Universal Poetry, Spiritual Harmony, Existence, Humanity, Worldwide Peace. The letters WFP are codified in multicolor.

WM Logo:  Represents Women (W) – Mujer (M).  Sacredness, Compassion, Spirituality, Equilibrium, Feminine Essence of Nature.


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