Do or die / Poem by Sunita Paul

Poem by Sunita Paul
Do or die
No Candlelight march
Burning temples,mosques or a church
Black display picture
Could not save or bring justice to her.
Each time it happens
Each case closes as soon as it opens
History repeats itself
And no one comes to help.
It is going out for some years
No one lend ears
Protests on,cases done
In life’s long run.
I say first ,let’s clean our hearts
That is the basic start
Set good examples to our kids
With kind words and deeds.
If each one of us has a clean soul and a mind
Not a crime you will find
Though it may seem a little tough
But be bold and strong enough.
Then let us march and demand
It should not be a request but a command
For severe change of law
Because no more we shall fall prey to any paws.
So don’t showcase your pain
If you don’t want this to happen again
Don’t forget this in a day or two
Now its the time to die or do.

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