In the arms of God / Poem by Santiago Ali

In the arms of God

In the twilight of blurred vision
confusedly flickering a span of a lifetime
between a beginning and an ending
of an Aurora that flaps on agape
find the mouth of a wound whose roots
are reaching the soil of heaven……

On the floor of the temple
avatars of a satanic cult bedaubed
excrescent marks on their obscene faces
prosecuting an immolation ritual brazenly hounding as werewolves tearing her nonage apart to exhale life
in long accursed shadows
from an unholy epic of diablerie
seeping through every pore
cracking from her every bone
broken and trampled her rosy existence……

Discomposed blood holds the sun
on its palm
against the darkness of sinful silence
pain is but a passionate defiance against the tidal waves of an oppressive storm called a soul-less life of tyranny……

In the battle of evil and innocence
blood is but the color of faith
a counter punch on
the face of the republic
where in tiny coffins are
the rogue pride of states that
had become morally bankrupt
unable to pay back
the “honor” they had
stolen from their girl children….

Saffron splendor is evanescing
in green plumes of duskiness
enshrouding the eclipsed face of a crescent that rides on a spinning wheel…

In the twilight of a
not so blurred vision anymore
vigorously darting are the flames
in God’s own country
her valley of Chinar is burning alive
in her confused breaths
for so colossal is the longevity of the pain and so brief her life span
like a goddess hidden in stone
she steps out of her body……

Her innocence
the expression of Divinity’s face
When she entered the arms of God…..


Santiago Ali


2 thoughts on “ In the arms of God / Poem by Santiago Ali

  1. Santiago Ali…..your words contain truth more powerful than the dripping blood pooled on the harsh.. cold floor of a desecrated temple….. where the silent screams of a child being ransacked ..pillaged ….eaten alive by werewolves are subsumed….

    These creatures… predatory….inhuman….
    salivating beasts – called men – who in succession defiled a tiny girl child who knows not what they do….she need not forgive them…..

    Aware only that she is being repeatedly tortured until the moment blessed death takes her pure soul…offered on the finest sterling silver platter carried on feathered angel’s wings for God to hold and love in his place of sanctification and peacefulness….his temple not of doom…only love ….she is in a special room in his mansion of many rooms reserved for her and her alone….in a high place….most will not see… saw this…..

    This travesty of humanity….too horrific for us mortals to contemplate… you have found a way to honor…..seeking to elevate her being to heights known only to a few….angels and archangels ….God and friends who sit at the table of plenty… .holding space for their dear child… did this ….heard her pleas…her begging….imagined her eyes darting from one executioner to another holding no sway as these are barbarians Santiago…. you so aptly identified as werewolves…. appropriate as they are partially human but unrecognizable ….these are creatures so devoid of empathy and humanity …that not one of them showed any courage to say, “enough” …..

    No…they repeatedly slaughtered her fragile and frail body until the sacrilege was done … her soul residing in her bones no more…..

    Only a friend of God could take an abominable act as this and somehow find the words to honor her honor while repudiating the perpetrators …giving them no more than a passing glance of attention…..naming their barbarism for all to acknowledge….but not naming them….their fate sealed now….the world can turn their backs to these these wicked and weak men…….

    You raised her up as on eagle’s wings and bore her to a place so high in heaven even the seraphim and cherubim must raise their tiny necks upward to see her beautiful face ….there is only one answer for how this could be achieved so lovingly…carefully….honorably…..
    only one and that is this…viz.

    You were chosen for this moment of redemption…..born for this moment in time so you would be the one from the neighboring republic tasked with announcing the baby’s arrival in heaven…..your words are dazzling like the rays of the sun which purified her countenance ….with words so meaningful they are the sound of trumpets blaring as Michael, Gabriel and Mary herself greet this soul at the gates of heaven….. home at last…..

    It’s the body that screams in pain….the soul sings praises to God the redeemer who cradled this special one in arms wide and comforting and whispered, “my precious child…you can never be hurt again….you are with me now ….exalted… protected ….healed…listen to the heavenly choir….which at my command….will never cease singing your praises”

    The bad men deserve only our silence…..Santiago Ali….you have banished them from any place offering safe succor for these nameless ones….they are marked with her blood and with her splintered bone choking them in their parched throats where their pleading words fall on deaf ears ……..

    Linda B. Scanlan

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