His Education

Rashid Pelpuo Obtained a PhD in African Studies (Development Policy) (2013) and holds a Master of Arts Degree in International Affairs (1998),both at the University of Ghana, Legon. He had earlier obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Education (Psychology) and a Diploma in Economics at the University of Cape Coast(1994).

His Work experience

Rashid Pelpuo has over 20 years experience in research, planning, designing, and implementing development programmes, and in local government capacity building and Youth development in Ghana at the highest level of policy in Ghana. In 2005 he was elected Member of Parliament for Wa Central. Before this he co-ordinated and managed various programmes in the area of research, training, and enterprise development at the community, district, regional and national levels. He worked extensively with some public service institutions and especially with local government structures throughout the country and have a firm grip on development policy and planning issues.

His Political Life

Dr Pelpuo has been a Member of Parliament for Wa Central Constituency since 2005
Between 2012 to 2016 he was appointed Minister of State at the office of the President in charge of Public Private Partnership and Private Sector Development, and a Member of the Economic Management Team of the Government of Ghana.
In 2009 he was appointed a Minister of Youth and Sports until 2010, when he assumed the leadership of his county’s Parliament as Deputy Majority Leader until 2012.

Again Dr Pelpuo was Ghana’s Member of Parliament at the Pan Africa Parliament, 2010 – 2012, and served in the Finance and Monetary Committee, and acted briefly as its chairman in 2012.
Dr Pelpuo’s noticeable involvement in national Politics was when he was appointed a Member of a thirteen member committee to develop a national policy plan and a manifesto for the National Democratic Congress (NDC)in 2008 during which he infused his poetic thinking. The manifesto won the NDC the Elections.

His Poetry and his vision

Dr. Pelpuo started writing Poetry in 1981 while he was in secondary School. He contributed extensively in his school magazine. He carried his poetry into his adult life and published his first book of poetry in 2017. His writings are often leaned towards politics and human freedom and development and the philosophy side of life. He has a vision to project poetry into real life of addressing the ills of society and exposing corruption at high places. He has an unalloyed love for poetry and loves to associate with poets of all description.



The sound of guns arrested the silence
A mother is lost in her confusion
Drown in her tears
Beholding a dismembered limb
Of a young corpse she once called a son
Yet the guns cough on
The buildings succumbed
In resistant compliance
Heavy concrete fall from buildings
Pressing on trapped bodies
And crimson blood rushing out
Shocked by a world it had never known
Held spellbound in an unfamiliar terrain
Consumed by an absorbing black hole
As more bombs fly from engines above
Into a bewildered city.



Syria tells the story
Of lost freedoms
Of gruesome perilous life
Outplays the Gaza pain
Men bred for lethal confusion
Descend the land
Put a prize on the head of Asad
Adamant to rebellion in concert
And the guns multiple
And the deaths swell
And men cue in dire desire
To fire and be fired a shot
As the guns grew lauder.



The engines of war
A crafty handicraft of man
Tears the world
Pain turned familiar misery
Why the wars?
Which mercies of the Lord makes meaning
Without man’s own mercies
The tanks keep rolling
Breaking bones of escaping men
A crying child begs for air to breathe
Bewildered by an unbelievable reality
Bodies strewn like fish rejected by the sea
Some panting to say a last word
Why these wars?
Men turn beast
Roaming the world
In deadly arms
A cry pierce through the air
In silent nemeses.



Men in naked trot
Lock out of the free world
Yearning a piece of peace

To hurt the defeated is no gain
To lift the fallen
Is true bravery

But the powers keep the course
Pounding home the bombs
Hurting a sorry soul

The flying stars crisscrossing the sky
Are not gentle comets
Nor on cursory errands

They are bombs on mission
To take another life
In the silence of the dawn

They fly in to grow more widows
To breed more orphans
To bath more souls with tears

Lift the fallen from the mud
Lets brave the winds
To cure our haughty greed.



He coils in his aged shell
From exhausting long journeys
Years of joys and goodness
Passed into oblivion
And he gapes in fix mood
In aged helplessness
Counting empty years passing by

He recounts in brooding mode
The enterprise of life
The greenery years of joys
Waters flowed in blessed harmony
And his handsome eyes
Fomented helpful catches
And ladies skirts bore witnesses
Of vast energies of his prowess
A tear escaped from his eyes

As a younger world passes by
Walking new corridors of peace
Away from the yesteryears joys.

© Rashid Pelpuo

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