Dr. Ranjana Sharan ( India)

Dr. Ranjana Sharan
Name : Dr. Ranjana Sharan
Education: B.A.( English Honours), M.A ( English) First Class
Special Paper: lndo Anglian Literature & American Literature
PhD: Sri Aurobindo and the Epic Tradition
Profession: Former Professor of English, S.B.City College, Nagpur, ( MH), lndia
Research Supervisor (English), RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur
Publications:Authored and published 05 books and nearly 50 research papers:
1.Spring Zone ( Collection of Poems)
2.Midnight Sun (Collection of Short Stories)
3. Nature in the Poetry of William Wordsworth and Sumitra Nandan Pant (Criticism)
4.Feminism: Times and Tides
5.Different Dimensions ( Collection of Research Papers)
UGC-Sponsored MRP: Completed and published UGC- sponsored.Minor Research Project on comparative literature
Poem, short stories, articles and research papers published in a number of prestigious national and intetnational dailies, magazines and journals.
Awards: Recipient of a number of awards for outstanding contributions to literature.Received 8 awards.Commendation
from the former President of India A.P.J. Abdul Kalam for my poem Mother Nature in Spring Zone.
Presented papers in many national conferences and seminars and delivered keynote speech.
Member of many literary organisations and groups.
Endangered Species
The night
with its unrelenting darkness,
buries the mother
beneath a starless sky:
The moon
distorted by mist,
conspires with darkness.
The woman
Suffers midnight hallucinations
and runs relentlessly
over dunes of darkness;
living and dying,
dying and living!
in anguish soul in agony,
torrents if tears
leaving traces
like rain on a dusty pane!
Pinpoint needles
of the traumatic memory
keep on piercing her heart
searing into her soul.
The female foetus
inside her womb-
The unborn SHE
with her legs and arms curled up
wished to go through
the glorious odyssey
of nine months and wake up
to see the wonders of the world!
their journey together
as mother and daughter
remained an unfulfilled dream
strange though it may seem!
“It’s a girl!” Kill her:
Soon the unborn
and the womb
were split apart!
The mother
felt the ravages of deprivation
and brutality:
Umpteen possibilities
were nipped in the bud!
the entire species of woman-
Mother,sister, wife and daughter,
is on the verge of extinction!

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