Poems by Ashok Kumar

Poems by Ashok Kumar




Born poet with poetic excellence
Knew how to compose rhythm of heart and soul

Sang sweet soft music of lord
Spriutality sailed in his divine
His Gitanjali full of heavenly lines

Poet of humanity a great Philosopher lover of lord
India has proud of his
immortal thoughts

Salute to composer of divine
songs loved nature by heart
I feel his presence everywhere
When I ponder about patriotism
Romanticism musical thoughts

He will open doors of literature
for everyone softly pure lyric
of lord would be known Gurudev forever



I pray
to you
for all 
Remove sufferings
From this eden forever
Give us strength
for united walk
No matter of nation
No matter of caste
and creed
Pray to you
Let’s be freed
Free from slavery
Of jealous and greed
Blessed us peace
Love and humanity
You are our father
Take care all
Let’s free from
narrow wall
Let us bless us passion
For loudly laugh.



All busy for materialistic life
O!God should you make me mystic
No desire for gold coins 
Want stressfree life

Should you bless me your love
Don’t you see in me your lovely dove
Give me shelter near your feet
It shall be a grand treat

Want to listen your soft sweet music
With rhymes and rhythm on flute
My ears eager to eat special food
Tasty true real heavenly song

Blessed me as you blessed Radha
Make me your pupil for forever
No need for gold coins no need for fame.

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