Poems by Vatsala Radhakeesoon

Poems by Vatsala Radhakeesoon
Bach’s Music
Bored by
the painful spears
aimed at her
generous, broken
She plunges
in Bach’s music
Childhood pranks
Innocent laughter
smile in her
sunny blue sky
In a flash
Adolescence rebelliousness
Teenage dreams
roar like thunder
tearing the summer heat
in her sobbing heartbeats
But gradually,
as she lies down
on the insomniac bed,
her body let go
of the stress’s grip
her mind waltzes
with positivity
her soul,
is cleansed
as Bach’s music
transcends the Mundane
fills her life with softness
and hugs her
like an eternal friend.
Moon’s Violin and Divine’s Lyre
Moon’s violin
echoes sadness
Divine’s lyre
sings wisdom
to her:
“O Moon!
My sweet child!
Do not despair
Do not shed tears
I can feel
your pain
Bleeds, bleeds
your heart
as you see
the lovers’
O Moon!
My sweet child!
This is the cycle
of good and bad
Humankind will reach
the apex of decline
Then, everyone will ponder,
ponder for years
how to create
a world of love –
A world, much better
Love will be
O Moon!
Your beloved children –
the true lovers
are yet to be born.
Vatsala Radhakeesoon

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