THE WALL OF MYSTERY / Poem by Maria Miraglia

Poem by Maria Miraglia



I t’s there
lying on the medow
quiet is the endless sea
and clear the sky
painted with white clouds
looking lke lotus flowers
just blossomed

The arms are open
stiffened the hands
tightening grass
and closed the eyes
as if dreaming

My body’s there
not far from me
I look at it in disbelief
and feel tenderness
for that sanctuary
there defenceless
there to offer itself to the earth
be swallowed by the soil
for so long trampled

I wonder what to do
where to go
while looking around
people known and
observe me
some smiling
others with expressions of surprise
or wonder
on their faces

I recognize my father
among them
his eyes for long thought
closed glassy are there
to welcome me
to tell me I’ve crossed
the wall of mystery

@ Maria Miraglia.


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