TICKLE …. NOODLE AROUND / Poem by Elizabeth Ongpauco 

Poem by Elizabeth Ongpauco 




Life isn’t always that piece of old tackle or that idiot-proof 
I dare say, it isn’t money for jam, nor duck soup
We have our blessed, bright and beautiful days or hour after hour
Lo and behold we have our despised, and dissatisfied dawn-to-dark

We have our own snippets of truth , of wisdom
That, unavoidable obstacle in our daily lives, that displaced atom
At times it may be financial, emotional and truly physical
Oops ! Possibly it may be a person in our circle

In this travel a current can arise that causes swirls in a river
O yes, Indeed! It takes more than true grit to thrive
We all have our own magical tittles
A speck in the sea we see, O ! the drawback to hack this shred

Having the strength in the face of pain, of uncertainty
Having that boldness in the mirror of anxiety and difficulty
Especially in spite of raps, criticism and facing insincerity
O our music ! Let us sing our own tune though it may be in harmony or off-key

Yes, yes ! With a lot of style mixed with bitzua and a pinch of chutzpah
And, that one, yes, that one
No matter how moody or jolly, neither near nor far
Gives that Appalachian “Twang”

I Stop, I Look, I Listen
Hmmm, Noodle Around

Elizabeth Ongpauco 
All Rights Reserved 
© UK 30.03.18


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