Poems by Qaisar Bashir

Poems by Qaisar Bashir
Mustard In Bloom
With the arrival
Of goddess spring
The fairies,
Wearing golden robes,
Revisit to adorn
The naked fields
With their comeliness;
Bees buss their gorgeous lips
To suck the nectar.
Far, far
Spread they are,
Dancing as the breeze blows.
Ah, what fragrance!
My eyes go to sleep,
My senses go numb
When the scented air
Lightly slaps my countenance.
The Vampiress Moon
Amidst midnight,
Sleepless and weary
I came out to the balcony
Of my silence struck house;
I looked skyward
And a star, brighter than the rest,
Winked at me
As though I was his love.
I lowered my shy gaze,
Yet my coyness thawed
My snow like being:
Slowly, yet steadily!
Ah’ the very minute
Rose up the vampiress moon
From behind mountains
And tore
Not only the raiment of darkness
That had coffined the life around
But me by her sword like beams
Before my love could woo me!
The Modern Old Man
With a smartphone
Strolling up and down
Like a lukewarm lover of nature’s bounty,
Capturing snaps and selfies
In Kashmir’s Tulip garden
Is an old man
Wearing a snowy tope
And a waistcoat navy blue.
Ah, abruptly stops he!
And at this, a smile blooms
On the cups of blood dyed tulips
When like Narcissus, his eyes he fixes
On the screen of his smartphone
To see his recently captured pics
In the garden of tulips.

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