Poems by Radhey Shyam Varshney

Poems by  Radhey Shyam Varshney



Yesssss a great tool to connect people around the world
To share their concern and views
Raising awareness
For love, peace, soulful unity,
International brotherhood
Through Facebook
In this otherwise unconcerned scenario
Of selfish hounds
Who do not want
That people world around should organise
To raise their voice.

Pitfalls yes there may be
Crated by miscreants
To destroy the sanctity of facebook
….but is not with the whole Arm/war weapons creating industry
Destroying nature, innocent people making them refugee
Is it not with all innovation
Polluting nature
Causing disease and deaths of human beings
With the leaders
We elect on democracy
Who become scoundrels
Create cold war, aggression on others’ region living peacefully
To impose war for bloodshed, massacre, genocide

Can they be banned for their deliberate willful faults by any Senate of the world.
If not…
Why to blame Facebook?
For the mischievous acts
Of miscreants/hackers
Without intention of Facebook.
And trying to Manueover, for their ulterior motives,
To blame or ban facebook.



It is not only a question of justice to Asifa only
It is a larger issue of preventing all child-rapes.
It is not a question to appeal
To Government, Judiciary, Administration and police
To give justice in cases of rapes
It is an issue of stopping all kind of rapes

It is a larger issue to control stimulants
Making mind-set for rape:
Our mind-set engulfed by libido… provoking for rape
Youth’s mind-set curiously indulged in Internet pornography
Creating craving for rape
Media’s mind-set presenting women in semi nudity
Titaliating dance scene flirting And raping of women in movie and TV
Defended by Bollybood blindfold ly
‘We show what public wants to see

What we see, watch, hear and talk
Stimulate a person on path of rape to walk
We, menfolk, by and large are unconcerned
Blame, accuse, the innocent victim concerned
Blind religious followers
Greedy advocates, selfish politician
Police with ulterior motives…
All give criminals required protection
Get support from pervert minded politician

O’ menfolk come to sanity
O’ women of world unite in unity
Show your shakti by becoming ‘Shakti’
Become Durga, Kali, Chamunda, Chandi
To kill Daitya-aakaar rape
Engulfed by which men become demon to commit rape

Otherwise go on facing….
Rapist”s wrathfull vengeance to tear off your flesh and body
To disrobe, dishonour, destroy your own modesty.
I know nobody will Like my poetic appeal
Forgetting the demon’s preying with brutality.



Salutation to you
O’ sixteen year minor daughter of India
For your daring courage,
Determination and fight
Against so-called godman
Becoming rapist out right
With wealth of ten thousand crore’s might
And millions blind follower to his side

With your courageous parents
to your side
Caring not for stigma
Decided to fight the case
To save other daughters of India from rapists
Having faith in judiciary
To deliver justice
Which judiciary have delivered
Giving life imprisonment to the rapist

You have become symbol
Of empowerment of women
You have shown the way
Becoming ‘shakti’ to kill the demon

O’ women of India
Join your hands join your voice
Unite, come together to fight against sex-violence
Fight with United might
Enough is enough
You have no other choice.

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