Poems by Ramesh Thumati Alagarsamy

Poems by Ramesh Thumati Alagarsamy


Indeed A Thing of Beauty is A Joy Forever!

Rare natural phenomenon makes the day special anywhere;
Sunset and Moon-rise at the same time take place only
On rare occasion as it happens this evening at the tip
Of Southern part of India at a place called Kanniyakumari!

Is it not a fortunate thing to see half red ball of Sun
And half golden ball of full Moon just above Indian Ocean?
What a natural scene to witness happening before our own
Naked eyes as seeing beauty of human in a natural attire!

Like the beautiful poetry composed by a master poet rare,
Nature creates such a beautiful thing on the sky canvas
This evening to put all people in spell bound condition
And a joy that will last long in the hearts forever true!

John Keats’s “a thing of beauty is a joy forever” is being
Becoming true once again by this rare natural phenomenon!


Flower of Love Should Bloom Naturally!

Flower of love cannot bloom to one in life
By just saying I love you to someone ever;
Flower of love should bloom naturally to one
Even sans saying I love you to anyone sure!

Just words of love without love in action
Are much more dangerous than partial love
Shown to some ignoring others among pals
As that will end just in a bouquet of flowers!

Real love is love in action done with great
Care and concern for one, one’s heart loves
Naturally sans any outward cosmetics or…
Beauty sans goodness and truth in one sure!

Love based on fancy or beauty cannot last
Longer as true love of heart that’s lasting
Beauty bringing joy between lovers forever
Like Nature and art that are ever lasting!


Struggle for Survival is the Natural Policy of Life!

All struggle for survival unless well placed with all one needs;
Survival of the fittest is justice in the animal kingdom of forest;
Justice was decided by the success of fittest in a struggle as race;
Struggle is maximum possible efforts one exerts to eke out a living!

Hunger, poverty and unemployment of many leave them to struggle ever
In the do or die situation of life for survival, if they prefer sure;
There is no alternative for them from this dictum they have to fulfil
Till they succeed in life or give up life of the world for the other!

It is well known that there is no gain without pain in human world..;
Even living life is bitter sweet as love is painful pleasure for all;
Sans a struggle in the day, no one can enjoy pleasure in the night ever;
Day and night revolve round the day to have a completion by Nature..!

Without difficulties in life, value of happiness cannot be realized;
Sans the policy of struggle for survival, life wouldn’t have evolved!

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