The Pepsi- Cola Boys – Ghassan Hassan Mohammed / Translated by : Raad Zamil

Poem by Ghassan Hassan Mohammed
The Pepsi- Cola Boys
He was afraid that his death
May arrive before the falling of his leave
The tree surprised him by exhaustionأئتلاف
So he bended over ground that a mother
He thought
But like a mat pulled in hasteعجلة, سرعة
Under his feet So What do they laugh at?
He revived life with chirpsيزقزق
Extends the prospectفرصة of love
Love that departed untimelyقبل الاوان ….
When there was no chance for butterflies
Flowers went dancing in scent lapحضن
Everything impliesيدل عليه endings
And every trumpetبوق cries with a final declaration
Announcingاعلان changing roles between
A head and a tail
Oh! For the destructionدمار is bigger
Than fire repletionتخمه
Every home wishes that many exiles
There will be for its citizens
That it named exiles
Second, third and fourth home
Every father-carrying axeفأس
To cut the family umbilical cord
To eraseيمحو what remains there
In the formal papers
So what do they laugh at?
At a flaming winter
That took the finger out of socks
His master was coating trees
So what do they laugh at?
At that who hears the well water rippleموجة
That throws bucketsالدلاء, which do not come
To a bottom
Moreover, he is still there hoping
To drink
So what do they laugh at?
At a child that wins a chance to revive
And to exchange his school
By Pepsi- cola empty cans selling
That he collects from the rubbish
So what do they laugh at?
At an Iraqi one who threw bananas
In the dust pin
That the companies of drugs
Destroyed his tongue
While manufacturing drugs with fruit – taste
So what do they laugh at?
At the 2003 year
When Mr. Bush declared that
God by a phone call inspired him
To embraceالعناق Iraq
So honest he was to sweep it away
Oh! Master of America
Sorry for it was a wrong call
As God is kind
God who tells us
That destroying of Mecca
Is less harmful than His countries blood shed
But you and your disciplesتوابع
Always invent Lords and gods
As many as petrol wells
According to your means .
Translated by : Raad Zamil

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