Timileyin Gabriel Olajuwon ( Nigeria)

Timileyin Gabriel Olajuwon

Timileyin Gabriel Olajuwon is a Nigerian poet and a literary critic. He is an international multi-award winner. Most of his works have been featured in series of international anthologies and journals. He is the brain behind Muse for World Peace Anthology (Canada) and a published author with his first book entitled Call for retreat, 2013.





A country was a stanza of irksome songs,
the praises of mocking birds, a void womb –
the dead-bones caught up in foxes’ mouths.

A country was a shade of dreams,
the horizon of dying shadow, an empty tomb –
an unborn child who died without a life.


A country is a home of ghosts,
the silence in a battlefield, an open book –
a script with buried promises – emptiness.

A country is a life-given soul,
the realities of a nightmare, a void –
a wandering spirit finding a life to live.


This reminds me of a chorus,
an anthem; the fire in the hearts of men
whose verses were nothing but
“Self with an in-dependent home”
This reminds me the struggle of fate,
& an unwavering faith of gods – patriots
whose bodies were sacrifices for a home,
a heaven (you may say a country) – like ours.


Let us, who know how to prey – pray!
there is no end to this beginning
This country is the body of a boy,
Pierced with ashes, a map of many colors,
finding identity in nothingness!



When love finds a root in a heart,
the heart becomes an open sky –
an horizon of lovers.

When love finds a root in a heart,
the lover becomes a poem – the
song on the lips of nightingale.


Love is the lips of a womb-man,
a prayer of every prey – lover,
It is a garden of greener pasture,
a haven for every sheep.

Love is a bottled wine,
a comfort in distress, a peace in pieces.
It is a heaven –
white, pure….


I am now a prey –
a prey without a prayer,
caught up with love from nowhere;
in this presence, heaven – white, pure….
I do not pray to leave rather to get lost,
this love is an end to a new beginning – ME!



let me tell you
how to see an angel…
“in your darkest hour,
close your eyes
tie my thoughts around
your heart;
breathe in-out
sleep and dream of me!”

I am the angel in your dreams
the symbol of reality!


Akanke II

i am the air
blowing in-out of
your nostrils
i am there right with you,
feel my presence
then you have me!



Dreams are faded shadows,
a reality of the unknown.

As the night comes to cover nakedness,
A soul – “you may say mine” – lost
In an errand, a trance, worst nightmare…

A city behold in my eyes – you may say
“the world, or a country” – a heaven,
of golden street, beautiful hills,,,
of cheerful people with whitening stones,
children playing and singing

A dive into consciousness,
a girl finds peace in the pieces
left from hatred born out of inhumanity,
of War!
& a solace in the reality of the unknown!


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