I Ask Only This / Poem by Linda B. Scanlan

I Ask Only This

What do I ask of you my love
on this day of days
when heaven and earth
abundant blessings upon us
their joy….

I ask nothing of you
my beloved…my heart
only that you stand beside me
shoulder to shoulder
arm in arm
courageously journeying together
in this neighborhood of eternity….

You are everything I’ve desired
beyond your smile
there is nothing you can give me
your offering was grace
saving me
in every way
a man can be a savior…..

Before you there was
Who was I….I wondered now
no longer a wife
nor daughter
just barely a friend
so many losses
bereft and lonely
disillusioned and compromised…….

Then that fateful day
you reached out
from a place in the ether
hearing your call
sounding so like my name
I leaned in and you were there
as you’ve been
everyday in everyway
catching me
when I fall
holding me close
when fearful
the gentle freeing word
deep in the night
when hushed tones
are as angel’s harps
lyres plucked
producing joyful noise……


©Linda B. Scanlan, 2018

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