Poems by  Membis Godwin Chukwukamma

Poems by  Membis Godwin Chukwukamma



I am crazy about her, not just her,
About everything that makes me smile
Kisses under december cozy wind
Blissful moments with friends
Darkest hours with brightest stars
Glittering under God’s blue canopy
That sometimes lick to give liquid crystals

Everyone thinks I am alright
Even you, you think so
But, I know I have gone nut
And naughty people have no ID card
If not I would always hang it on my neck
To swing as I live my crazy life

The more she run away from me
The more I reach to her
The more she try to kill this love
The more it grow greener than grass
Spreading like flames of bush burning in drought
Climbing like a lunching rocket

Sometimes I feel I can pluck the stars
Bring them too low for my lips to kiss
Sometimes I feel as if I have wings on my shoulders
I spread my arms and imagine her on my back
Flying with me to where I don’t know

In lonely hours her memories walk in
Through the door of my love-centered thought
And I find myself laughing louder than thunder
The next moment I am discussing with the wind
Confessing my undying affections for her
Wishing she could understand the voice of the wind

If she is crazy too, she would understand
But she is not, her brain is healthy
And I pray she would someday be out of your mind forever
For that’s just when we could together feel love’s fever.



Do you know that dreams have wings?
Dreams can fly the height you desire
Do you know that dreams’ wings can break?
Not by external force but from within
Do you know that dreams have colours?
Just like the falling rainbow does
Dreams posses colours so deep
Blue, Red, White, Green, Black and yellow
And each colour you choose is what it shine

Do you know that dreams could be watered?
Like every other flower in man’s garden
Like hope, love, peace, wisdom and all
Do you know that dreams have life in them?
And for that reason Dreams are mortals
Do you know that as we have immortal humans
Like Shakespare, Milton and the rest
So we have dreams that are ever-green.

We all are gods of our own dreams
We make them appear the way we love.
Though no man is a dreamless human
But, some men lack what gives life to dreams
Naturally and mostly artificially
Oh! My Son I tell you this day so silent
A man’s dream defines him best
It defines his courage and his sense of thought.

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