Naseer Ahmad Khan ( Kashmir)


Naseer Ahmad Khan ( Kashmir)

Naseer Ahmad Khan was born and brought up in Bandipora, Kashmir. He has a Master’s Degree in English from Kashmir University. He qualified SET (State Eligibility Test) in English in 2013; and in 2016, he got appointed as Assistant Professor English in the Deptt. of Higher Education.


In Memory of Aasifa

I thought the world is fine
And grace in it abound
Therefore, I went around
Carefree yonder tree line
I played hide and seek
The sun at noon was meek
I frolicked round a tree
And felt myself free
There like a fawn
I played in a green lawn
Five and half meters I went
Near the woods that bent
In a city of men
There fear is none.
The sun was up the stream
I went down the stream
Along a red, red rose
Wherein a white spring close
Into a gushing thing
Blanched by a ring
Of moon struck dial
Down drifted the rivulet in a file
There I played the mock
There to gather from a rock
Green fern and molten moss
Like Maggie on the Floss
All is fun of a child
An age of eight and bright
In innocence, the countenance
Chased in allegiance.
A Lucy in the wild was born
Subdued by the nature sublime
On a resounding water torn
By sun slitting prime, a horn
So sweet and the spot of joy
Compelling the heart to recline
And capture the bliss of soul,
I felt not to hide
My visage in a vide
Range of reference
Nor to tie up my head
In a flux of thread
I moved a step or two
Chasing a butterfly on move
Like that Mary from whom
To call the cattle home
Near the river and more
Near the sea or shore
Alas! Call the cattle home
There and then the hand
Camaflouged in the sand
A king cobra recoiling
A duck in its hood choking
Under unmitigated crush
So was I under a belly
That rolled over me as a trolley
And meshed up my flesh in a flash
They rip me open like some trash
And kept me mum with a thumb
On the spot of Adams slip
Under the control of his grip
Thereby nipped the bud and the tulip
They left marks of lust on my hip
And placed a seal on my lip
Until I was thrown on a maze
Inside the temple to gaze
As bewildering as a gazelle
In thunder struck pine and hazel
I plaited hope all in vain
To more of a brute less of a man
All that was there was grim
Only the lust at the rim
I could but read them out
The wink and the wine at brim.

They were many and I was one
Yet not the last to be done
They tossed me up as a toy
Suck my lips in animal joy
The beast in one was on the run
He tore me open there by shun
All humanity to a void
A thing stuffed in my mouth
My stomach too weak to such uncouth
Pint of a pink and a narcotic
In a split of second I was hypnotic
They drugged me down and up he ran
As Leda was done by the swan
My cries toiled the trumpet bell
They turned the temple to a hell
Drowning I clutched the straw
Held his beard as cried ‘baba’
He kept on and on without remorse
Ran up and down like a horse
When he finished his blithe and dirt
He threw me to wilderness as a flirt
He thought a beast will carry
The load and head of his savagery
Alas! A bear a loin went nearby
A wolf awestruck stood thereby
The roar of the lion to God
Shuddered the heavenly seat of my lord
The azure sky turned purple in the wrath
And the sea fuming in froth
The clouds opened the chest of sky
Hail and fog hastily fly
Wherefore will you hide your heads?
Your daughters not safe in their beds
Better to strangulate and end the tale
Or burry your daughter in the dale
Lest representatives of honour and life
are in an open strife
and march the streets in enormity
to upheld black sins against humanity.



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