Poems by Fahad Uchchwas

Poems by Fahad Uchchwas
Thunder’s Duality
Clouds now darken the sky
So, it is time for me to fly
In the cold drops of God,
In the name of our Lord.
But fear i the thunderous bolt,
It is an alloy in the gold.
I would woo rain a lot more,
Hug it more joyously on the shore
If it did not give bolt’s birth
I would float then on mother earth.
In a supernatural rainy amor
Let me rest in eternal peace,
My heart fears not the tremor
Of gentle bolts mixed with bliss.
From God’s abode those bolts flow
Like a bit of flavorsome chilli
That mars the palate in myriad glow,
But in absence makes the dish silly.
Song of Hope
If i am an island
Lost, disowned by the rest,
I dare plant hope on sand
God keeps me in a nest.
He is ever with me,
Prayer is our final key.
If the Godot i wait for,
Wonder how lives are fancied,
Then i sense him ever more
Leaves of faith are more placid.
If we give in to his dictions,
Faith can blur those strangest fictions.
If we give our free will to God
Keeping our despair aside,
We then control our painful cord
That we often can fail to hide.
If we can let him run our fate
Without claiming much worldly gains,
He then makes our joy never late
In those blessed drops of curing rains.
We are all pretty much lonely,
Even in the midst of crowd,
But rescued we are only
When warped by God’s caring shroud.
Our lost feelings are like brothers
In the world’s customary way,
But hope in God never withers
If we let him brighten our day.

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