“The Boy by the Waterfalls” by Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo with Japanese Hanjin and Kanji Translation by Mina Nishizawa

“The Boy by the Waterfalls” by Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo with Japanese Hanjin and Kanji Translation by Mina Nishizawa
The Boy by the Waterfalls
I see you in one of my greatest dreamscapes,
Sitting on a huge rock facing the majestic waterfalls
As I emerge out of nowhere in a place called the Ruins,
Where an ancient, mystic castle used to stand tall
A witness to a great kingdom’s sweet downfall.
A river runs through the debris of this enchanting sanctuary,
Flowing from under a magical bridge where I am about to cross
And there came to view, a vivid and glimmering sight of you,
But I failed to see how you could have looked
For your back was facing me while you immersed in soulful serenity.
I missed to behold how your eyes could have stared beautifully at me
Or if you are lonely and needs someone to be just there to listen,
As tears flow down your cheeks looking for answers in beautiful solitude.
I was about to step on the rock you are sitting on to tap your back and say “Hi!”
But then you vanished into thin air and what was left was white smoke,
And the empty space you left- the same spot I sat on and delved into my own contemplation
Then a realization came upon me that you wanted me to carefully view the waterfalls you have laid your eyes on.
The waterfalls signifying the ebb and flow of life,
Things happen every now and then, constant changes inevitably take place
Every split second and in the mere blink of an eye,
But life continuously flows come what may
What matters is how we enjoy our journey,
And do not have regrets for what could have been, what might have been
But simply cherish how things used to be.
Author/Poet Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo
Japanese Hanjin and Kanji Translation
夢の中で会った君は 荘厳な滝の前の大きな岩石に座っていた 私は廃墟のどこからも出現しないの 古代神秘的な城が高くそびえ 大王国の転落についての証を見てから
川はこの魅惑的な聖域のがれきを走り抜け 私が渡ろうとする不思議な橋の下を流れ 鮮やかな微光を放つあなたのいる景色がそこ¬に でも君をどう見つけたらいいかわからないま¬ま 君は情熱的な静けさに浸って背を向けていた¬から 私を美しく見つめるまなざしがどうだったか¬さえ知らない 君が寂しいなら誰かそばにいて欲しかったか¬もしれないのに 美しき孤独の答えを捜しているほおに流れる¬涙
私は君のいる岩に行き肩を叩いて声を掛けよ¬うとした でも薄い気の中に消えて白い煙だけになった¬ 君のいない空白の場所に私は座りただ考えて¬いた 君は私によく滝の流れを見て欲しかったの 滝の流れは引き潮を人生の流れを意味すると¬ 様々なことが起こる変化は必然だと 全ての魂がただまばたきをするようにわかる¬と でもどんなことがあっても人生は続くと 何があってもどうこの旅を楽しむかだと できたことやできたかもしれないことを悔や¬まずに ありのままを慈しんで欲しいと 作者/¬詩人エリザベスEsguerraカスティリョ¬ 和訳
Translator: Mina Nishizawa

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