MELANCHOLY IS VERY GRUESOM – Ayub Khavar / Translation by Prof. Muhammad Shanazar

Poem by Ayub Khavar



Melancholy is drenched in gruesome
Is it some floating silence
That creeps and echoes very gently in its own layers?
In my existence from chest to stomach,
And then it drops secretly, moment by moment
Upon the red surface of my heart
With such boundlessness
As it fills the phalanges
Of my fingers,
Soles of my feet, eyes, lashes
And behind the lashes.

Strings of forbearance,
Strangling the eyes into death throes
The illusion of your love
Gushing particles of my blood
And dry cracking bones of the body
Transforms into dust.

O! My tree of love,
In the green branches of your arms
And dew making shadow of crimson leaves of your lips,
I supposed to spend my whole life.
But who was contender that consumed away,
The freshness of my dreams.
O! The tree of my love
From which angle should I see you?
For the melancholy is drenched in gruesome.

Is it some floating silence?
Which is into the v.e.i.n.s of my cracking bo…d…y..
Just wait for a while;
I don’t know
How… how to contents.. o..f my…. heart,
Just let me breathe,
My tongue has become a piece of wood
Which is cracking
In the grips of my jaws,
Let me… have… a few… sips… of te…ars,
Let me restore myself
Into the state of some sensible expression,
It is hard… very… ha…rd to ex…press… my heart,
Oblige me… just… for… a few…a…men…ts
With the shadow of dew-making
Light crimson leaves,
For mela….nc….holy,
Delirium, solid substance of silence,
Transform into…. The…. Par…ti……of… dust,
Dry bones of my existence and bl..o…od
Gushing …par..tic..les ofbl…o…..od.


Translation by Prof. Muhammad Shanazar

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