Poems by Jyotirmaya Thakur

Poems by Jyotirmaya Thakur



Moments when I swim in waters of waves
I forget the world that defines me in tales
And wishes sacrificed on shores wade
Like a poem when written on pages fade.

Moments when I grudge forgotten needs
Many desires crumble and rot unfulfilled
Many tears hidden in eyes unspilled
Like a garden ignored full of weeds.

Moments when I cared but lost my might
Darkness engulfed the courage to fight
When the heart asleep forgot its flight
And love inside wept in daylight.

Moments of farewell that I never got to say
When loved ones left forever anyway
Loneliness of library is there to stay
Of unseen scars that I carry everyday

Moments when I stand totally still
Wonder why I have to do this drill?
A monotony in life sets in like a mill
All frolic and fun is lost in vain frills.

Moments of weakness that did not matter
My story of failures when I did falter
My deepest dreams that I did not foster
The truth that defined me never did alter.



Loneliness walks in shadows unseen
Air of pollution connects unforeseen
Desolation weeps in shrouds of night
Dead dreams arouse visions of insight
Dew drops gather all tears of the Earth
Dawn scatters golden sun beams of mirth
Echoes of laughter are fragments of past
Cherished memories exist in silence vast.

Lonely wanderings in seasons all four
Travelling on unknown trails as before
Caravan of life carries poetry of the soul
Eyes look for beauty in burnt dust of gold
Gentle wind on treacherous waves caged
Dying Sun smiles in cavern of heart saved.



The ring of love around your finger
Came with vows of deep meaning
Proclaims to all no chance to linger
It swears for upright living of learning.

Silver or gold topped with precious stone
Tells all around that you are not alone
Either silently in company filled room
Or in open garden where roses bloom.

It holds you tight in time of sadness
And a ton of strength of inner gladness
Symbol of true bonding for the bride
In all season diverse wearing pride.

For love unbound cannot be contained
Save by the heart to whom it is ordained
Between this mortal age shall not confine
Nor passing years shall stars outshine.

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