Poems by Tulsi Shrestha

Poems by Tulsi Shrestha


A Heart That Ensures Breath To Life

I witnessed a heart of intellectual core
Innocent and fickle like that of a child, sure
He prefers to delight his so many fellows
Recreates joyful memories as dancing mellows

Life sways like enchanting green meadow
As he sleeps calmly keeping ego beneath pillow
Perpetual light of intelligence resides inside him.
Words flow from him as everlasting radiant beams .

He prefers to listen lyrical rhythms of heart
He is born to create impulse in frozen heart .
Divinity inside him ,unites with humanity to revive
And create breath in thousands of dying lives.

A sense of reverence I do express for you
For the depth of knowledge and spirit inside you.
Fragrance of Altruism flows ,no doubt from you
Metaphors inside your creation, are always in que.



Tomorrow May Not Come To Awake Me
Along with fainting heart beat
Let me revive courage to tell you
Tomorrow may not come
To awake me from my bed .

When you were in deep sleep
Death knocked door to remind
It is time for me, to follow him
Far away from your sight, forever .

A lot of things that I’ve to tell you
So many things, left for you ,to do
Our children , integral part of me
Never, let them feel, I am no more.

The moments of joy and sorrow
That we have shared together
Will definitely remind me , you dear
To what extent, we love each other.

I know how horrible and painful
A life without me for you. ..
A body without soul, life without breath
Still you have to live for babies, I left .

Nuture those angels with love and care
Gaze their eyes, you will find me inside them.
Although I miss all of you, so dear and lovable
My love will flow for them , from your heart.

Whenever you feel restless and alone
Visit my grave, I will console you ,dear
Showering your sorrow and pain
With infinite scream of silence.

Whenever you think of me, oh dear
I will accompany you in your dream
To hug you in moon light -beams
It is a way to revive a part me inside you.



Some people clap their hands at a glance.
Without observing the quality of my dance.
While others watch me a couple of times.
Still their ego restricts them to clap one time.

I do not need your so -called grace- like.
I am hungry of heartfelt passionate- like.
Observe, please each step of my dance.
Your support intoxicates me for trance -dance.

Inspire me, to go ahead where I need to belong.
I want to make an unique flight.
It might be odd a little bit, slight
I am sure it ensures my future bright.

Please, listen to sweetness of my own song.
Let you explode passionate clapping sounds.
Come on, let us dance in theater ground.


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