Sher Chandley (South Africa)

Sher Chandley
I am Sher Chandley an architectural technologist from Johannesburg, South Africa . I consider myself eclectic in tastes
and have a wide range of interests in all subjects ranging from religion to science . I do believe in a marriage of the two . As a product of apartheid I am an
anti’-war, anti xenophobia, anti – rascism humanitarian animal rights and environmental protection proponent . I abhor all forms of of injustice and oppression. I have hope that love ,peace and understanding will dispel the dark tide sweeping the world today .
I feel your love’s caress,
Like the wind that blows.
Sweetly murmuring,
Whispering secrets in my ear.
Scribbling love notes,
On the water and in the air.
Just like the ones,
You send, my dear .
I feel your love’s caress,
Like the water that flows.
Gurgling with delight,
Flowering love pulses,
From my toes to my head,
Lapping warmly into my soul.
Ever winding and wending,
Dripping love — heart a bending.
I feel your love’s caress,
Like the flowers that grow.
Wafting bursting riots,
Of heady perfume.
Colours blending ,
And vista’s infinitely extending.
I make verses for poetry,
And dances for song,
And a love feast for your delight.
For the fruit of my love,
Is there for you to bite.
I feel your love’s caress,
Like the wind that blows,
Like the water that flows,
Like the flowers that grow,
—– infinitely blending
My love for you is never ending !
Sher Ali Khan 2018/03 .
In the recesses of my mind,
I searched,
And found I was unkind.
Cobwebs of prejudice,
I found there —
Ensnaring my soul,
Clutching like a bear.
Programmed loyalty,
And falsely self righteous.
Shielding evil,
With fake description.
Let’s kill them all !
Take what they got.
How stupid of them,
To dare to be different !
What a shame to freely think.
Fools ! they are on the brink,
They stink !
Let’s swim in plastic,
Eat bullets and drink oil.
How lovely consumer imperialism,
Hail to the God of materialism !
No !
I won’t entrench polarity.
Surely goodness is universal ?
And there can be,
A brotherhood of man.
So I say a prayer —
And here it goes —
” Please God keep me on my
For in the recesses of my mind,
I found I was unkind .
Sher Ali Khan 2018/03 .
Oh see the Angels,
Prompted by despair,
Counting tears of sorrow.
Are we here an eternity ?
Or ending in the grave,
Starting in maternity.
Do we understand our divinity ?
Can you raise the Sun from where it lays,
Or make the moon change her ways,
Or unveil the stars twinkling lights,
In the darkness of the night ?
No, No and No !
But you can choose to do right with your inner light,
Or destroy with your darkest might !
Seek ye the freedom of heresy,
Joining greed and arrogance,
Fattening on misery and crime,
Is this the purpose of our time ?
Religious energy purposed,
To substitute belief for fashionability !
Or seek ye the yolk of submission,
Refusing to change your condition .
Did you know you can choose ?
Or are you captive of your desires?
To be caught in a quagmire.
Did you know you can choose ?
Be careful or you lose !
For if a need is clearly seen,
Then change it is you must bring.
Its either God’s gift or the devil’s curse !
Pure bliss, or nothing worst !
For in the rapture of your mind,
You can leave the darkness behind !
Sher Ali Khan 2018/03 .

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