The Princess in Me is Reflected in You / Poem by Linda B. Scanlan

The Princess in Me is Reflected in You

I am honored
you call me
in you
is joy

You stand by me
in my smallness
so big
overshadow my meanness
which erupts unpredictably
like a volcano
spewing the hateful thought
into the universe
harsh ash
settling momentarily
on the mind
quickly wicked away
by your expansive heart
that knows only
Oh, what a challenge
I present
for your kind disposition…….

Ignoring my garrulousness
it is not meant for you
an act of extreme transference
you subsume it
because it is easy to do
hateful words are light
the opposite
of what
you would surmise
Divinity enjoys irony too……

Loving words are heavy
not oppressive
but dense
they hover
then penetrate
holding tenderly
to the willing places
readying to breathe them in
entirely fragrant
like flowing bamboo
the lilting lotus
transformative …….

Callous words fly by
leaving the scene
why hold on to emptiness
what is there to cultivate……

You are my friend
at that
preconceived moment
of time
for the likes of me
never fooling you
whispering this
hear this
you say –

some beautifully expressed truth
you ask for
my silence
my sister
you whisper
in quiet alone
there is found grace
quell the noise
listen to the beating of your heart
hear the resonance of synchronicity
you are a wonder
you say
a gift to the universe
why don’t you
believe it
we do
you are a princess
our Leah……….


©Linda B. Scanlan, 2018


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