A Telescope Is My Soul / Poem by Jenayah Hela Tekali

Poem by Jenayah Hela Tekali
A Telescope Is My Soul
I am the telescope and you are the universe
I am an obscure poem melt in your Verse
A ridged rock is my heart,
Cracked by the Muse of your own Art.
I dance like some whirling Dervish
A whirlpool of Coral Reef , of Seas, and Starfish
I am not easy to read , I am a deep sea
I am a raging storm as I am meant to be.
Oceans of pains are blotting out my way,
In your rivers of love I just swim and sway
Waves swing me like a Pendulum to and fro
Like a Compass moving with your ebb and flow.
A telescope is my soul where you can reach all this Mystifying Cosmos
The incarnation of love , of desire , and Eros
Carry me straight to where I can see planets, constellations, through your eyes
Entwined lovers, forever and ever, to the Solar System ,are your soul and mine.
I die and rise the same , and soar by your love
I am the Phoenix riddle, the Telescope that lives by your love
I am the Hourglass that holds the sand before my time passes through
I am those Lenses that make your remote Stars appear closer with my subtle hue.
copyright 05/05/18

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