Poems by Fahad Uchchwas

Poems by Fahad Uchchwas
On a Rainy Afternoon
On paris Road in the rows of pine tree
We walked together in the afternoon
Hand in hand in monsoon rains we were free,
Drunk by the raindrops which are God’s boon.
The dark cloud mingled with the day light
And made an elfin aura we fed on,
Pines flapped their wings to join us before night,
Soaked sighs burnt in cold not yet forgone.
Bolt’s winks intrigued to render us delicate
In league with sloppy clothes we felt burdened by,
On paris road love let us fornicate
In rains by two pairs of amorous eye.
In monsoon for romance when you kiss a girl
Dive not into the sea to look for a pearl.
Poetic Strength
In this World Nourished and Born,
The Poet battles alone,
Smitten and Stands for those who Mourn
And Craves for world’s Salvation
By the Strength of Words He Feels,
Words of Truth are his Treasured Meals.
Mental Freedom He Fights for
From Old Monarchic Shackles,
Equipped with Pen and Though Poor,
He Wins all Lawful Tackles
On his Pages of Noble Power
Under the Shades of Grape’s Bower.
Each Scripture is a Poem for Him,
He Fondles Love’s Religion,
Worldly Luxuries Fail to Dim
His Ballads of Heaven’s Pigeon.
His Words are Wonders Where we Go
To Know the Truth we Try to Know.
His Words are God’s Words That can Charge
Limbs of Those Crews of a Lost Ship
On The Stormy Sea’s Evil Verge,
But He Sings God in Ruin’s Heap
And then Sees the Harbour in Turn,
Blessed Miracles His Rhymes Can Earn.
His Verse Imparts Voice to the Weak,
His Couplets Beat an Woeful Tune,
His Pen Renders the Mute to Speak,
From Slings of Lies He Stands Immune.
His Mere Four Lines Can Stir the Crowd
More than a Leader’s Ranting Shout.

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