Wonderings / Poem by Linda B. Scanlan


You asked my thoughts on Rumi
or did I prefer Hafiz
why make a choice
I said
when all of heaven is at our fingertips
all we need for sustenance
within our grasp……

You were also wondering
about my feelings
on late morning naps
soliciting my opinion
on a variety
of things
of importance
do you remember that……

Asking for my food preferences
organically grown blueberries
my only request
tea with raw honey
a lemon squirt
yes, that’s best
perhaps biscotti for dipping
the last sip offering quite a surprise
not too many though
you warn
take time to savor
all of what
is so beautifully laden
on our table
set with cloth napkins
for our lovely
mid-afternoon repast………

Music –
I asked
if you loved it as I
ah yes
you replied
Adorney my favorite
how did you know
you wondered
how do I know anything
I laughed
you exclaimed
music is like life for us
divine rewards received
every note recognized
a pleasure pit
from which we
resist escape
preferring to
drown in major and minor keys
washing over us
each note on the scale
reminding us
our good fortune is
we both love
what music does for us
for our trembling souls ………

I didn’t understand
such things
before you
now I know
so much more
than I did
I knew you
you left me
to figure it all out
without you………….


©Linda B. Scanlan, 2018


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