Poem by Asha Kiran Sharma

Poem by Asha Kiran Sharma   TRUE LOVE T…Trust. L… Listening. R…Romance. O… Overcome. U…Understanding. V… Valuable. E…Excitement. E… Every thing. Most broken people in love Try to fix others because They cannot fix them self True love needs wait … Continue reading

MOTH-EATEN… (وجع الذكريات) – Asoke Kumar Mitra / Translated and edited to arabic By Hana Shishiny

Poem by Asoke Kumar Mitra وجع الذكريات ويبقى .. أصابع ترتعش مع الايام وجسد…..انهكه الهزال عشاق كانوا.. داهمتهم السنين ولم يبق سوى أوراق خريف احتفظت ببعض ألوانها تساقطت مع الدموع لحب لم يكن وقدر لم يلين… السماء ناصعة غيوم رمادية … Continue reading

Poem by Sunita Paul

*** After years,today I saw the dawn The calm breeze soothes the soul The ambience plays an important role The rustling leaves Mysteries they weave The twittering birds makes you feel alive And the warm sunshine from the east sends … Continue reading