Dr. Shailesh Veer ( India)

Dr. Shailesh Veer
Dr. Shailesh Veer is an Indian author. He is a bilingual, writes in English & Hindi both. He has a PhD in Archaeology. By profession he is a teacher. He has edited more than half a dozen poetry books & several magazines time to time. His poetry has been published in various literary magazines, journals and anthologies. His poetry attracts the heart & forces the brain to think a lot. He loves human values, nature, philosophical & spiritual world. All of these things can be seen very clearly in his poetry.
Email: doctor_shailesh@rediffmail.com
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Your soft heart attracts me all time
Your holy mind calls me again and again
Your pious soul communicates with my soul
Your intense brain creats positivity in my brain
Your tongue fills fragrance in the atmosphere
Your intellectual beauty makes me crazy
Your vision gives me new philosophy about life
Whenever I see you,
thinking towards life becomes
more powerful and beautiful
You’re Shloks of great Indian epics
You’re Verses of Kalidasa
You’re poetry of Rumi
You’re Sonnets of Shakespeare
You’re Haikus of Basho
You’re so amazing so gorgeous
so magnificent so marvellous
My heart says again and again
You’re unique creation
whom I was looking for centuries
You’re more wonderful than-
My each and every dream
My each and every desire
My each and every thought
My each and every fiction
You’re enormous
You’re prodigious
You’re unbelievable
You’re unimaginable…!!!
With you –
thorns of way feel like
flowers of jasmine
With you –
traveling looks so easy
With you –
seems that the world is in the fist
Reaching the goal so close
Why did you stop
My dear-
Look at me once,
without you –
There is no existence!!
Music Of The Whole World
When I call her
with her nickname
Whole atmosphere becomes magnetic
Stars begin to play guitar
Birds begin to sing
Trees begin to dance
Earth and sky begin to
behold each other
Feel so –
World is a musical song
Her nickname is
the music of the whole world !
© Dr. Shailesh Veer

3 thoughts on “Dr. Shailesh Veer ( India)

  1. सुहृदवर अग्रज…आपकी वैश्विक मंच पर उपष्थिति हमें गौरवान्वित करती है।

  2. Excellent lines, no e flow!
    I have always enjoyed DrVeer’s poetry. He excels in micro and free verse. He is a very diverse poet. Ihabe reviewed all his poems on Facebook..when I was a member..
    He continues to excel !!!
    Lucille A LaRoche USA..

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