Love ! Thou Art King / Poem by Santiago Ali

Poem by Santiago Ali


Love ! Thou Art King

Love Thou Art King…

Of all
the Orients and all the Occidents
that flew burnt out
over the emerald hills of the heart
a heart beat’s ascension
in a grain of sand and ashes
once the burning glory of a galaxy…….

Love! Thou Art King…

Life crawls on skinned knees
in Thy court
empty hands raised toward the rainy sky
and tears drop like saltless stars……

All Wise…All Benificient….

Thou pour pleasures of sweetest degrees
but only the chosen ones have the heart to drink from the cup bearers
offering their pains of poison…….

All Seeing….All Hearing…..

Severely tested in the madness
of deep shallowness
in a blue deviled sea
where innocence is half a life
a mermaidian consternation
a marooned desire
contracted and convoluted
in the spring of hymeneal fruition
she is the vassal
ripe with all her tears turned to pearls
in the cocoon of her chastity
that lost lamb of a Shepherd
a mystic riding in the body of a beast….

Love ! Thou Art King….

Of all the wild legends of saffron fields
where princes unsheathe their swords
in the sun to slay and be slain
and wind is carrying the legacy
of their rose blood
musk-incensed prancing of life
a fearless chasse of a gazelle
innocence seducing a beast
in a frenzied feast of love
surrender her neck
a goblet for his glorious thirst
blood earns its legacy from saffron fields
sun shines out all its pride
in the emerald hills of the heart…….

All rights reserved
Copyright @ Santiago 2018


2 thoughts on “Love ! Thou Art King / Poem by Santiago Ali

  1. Santiago Ali….what depth of expression are your words …you have been blessed abundantly by the Source of all who has chosen you to be a voice for a generation….how deftly you take significant words and meld them into a cohesive whole generating elevating them into waves upon waves of vibrational pull expanding the universe nearer to the glorious Elysian Fields….where lovers prance gazelle-like and innocents so charmingly devour the enemies – enmity and hate ….vanquished by your benevolent heart which understands these lofty things …

    You are not inured however to love’s hardships so eloquently expressed by the use of the metaphor of the cup …brimming with poison ….for yes…love is challenging ….love is hard ….as it should be ….we have choices and the decision to love harder is made daily….

    You recognize these things and confidently write words that seduce…calm…encourage ….and honor the loveliness of love itself….paying homage to the one who created the Word itself ….you acknowledge the power of the force of love as the only thing that can move mountains ….and change hearts and minds …..yet can cause “tears to drop like saltless stars” cleansing and redeeming as holy water from heaven……

    You are a fine poet…and that is your glory….but more importantly and necessarily….you are a fine man….and we sorely need more of those in our broken and tumble-down world…..

    Blessings …..


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