MY ANCIENT AND NEW LOVER / Poem by Roula Pollard


I met him
I met him in the remote past
I meet him today, I meet him in the future
I fell in love with him before meeting him.
I felt his love, inhaled the scent of his flowers- words
I counted his petals and the syllables of his name
love grew abundantly with infinite blessings.
I sensed love’s pure meaning
like pure silent sentences, echoes from the divine.
My lover grows love of syllables, words
words with new meanings.
His words narrate love stories
ancient, not yet written, forgotten. His words contain
most of the universe, stars, planets, galaxies
asteroids, harmless black holes, supernovas, parts of Creation.
My lover remains young, like an innocent dream
of cosmic, divine beauty of eternity, known and unknown
expectations of old, present and future newness.
Did I love him as much as he loved me?
You don’t know love until it grows in you deep roots.
Is love male, female, or both with eternal wings?
The telephone rings…rivers flow
from his syllables
Are you surprised? Active poetry I create
my love with, an eternal poem alive
my ancient and new lover.


© Roula Pollard
All rights reserved


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