Poem by Asha Kiran Sharma

Poem by Asha Kiran Sharma



T…Trust. L… Listening.
R…Romance. O… Overcome.
U…Understanding. V… Valuable.
E…Excitement. E… Every thing.

Most broken people in love
Try to fix others because
They cannot fix them self
True love needs wait ,presence,
Patience to prove but “WHO WAITS”


I Love You

Its easy to say …
Feeling you in my life …
You are my dream …
In my dreams …
You are mine …
In fact love is …
A war and a risk …
Easy to start …
And hard to stop …
Sweet word for ears …
Looks like honey …
Give taste very bitter.



Never blame others
For our frustration
And failure
We disturb our
Own peace of mind
By doing so
No one can harm us
no one is our enemy
No one can keep our
Good from us
Try to find the best in all
This is the success
Of achievement
And happiness
Rest is our “KARMAS”


Sorry to say

No one is in danger
Only being a female
I and my life is in danger
Save me from dangerous
Dirty Politics and Religion
No River no Temple, no Church
No Guru Ghar no Masjid is
So Pak and pure to pray
Until I am not secure
After all I am mother of all..



We are
Far apart
But close
To heart
In love
Lost in
You and I
Share the
Same dreams
You mean
World to me
Can’t live
Loving you
Wish to be


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