SHUDDERING PETALS / Poem by Lily Swarn

Rusting leaves speak to me
Of a euphoric place
Where we may perhaps
Meet one day
Where there is no day
That spills into our dreams
Where there is no night
To lull me to sleep
It’s only beauty that
Surrounds me
Your aura of glistening
Gleaming gold
The shuddering petals
Of a pale pink rose
Whisper to me of
Shimmering lights
That glow like fireflies
In fields of love
It’s beyond the sky
It’s over the hills
It’s near your heart
It’s closer than near
Where you can hear
Sounds of laughter
Gurgling from streams
Fountains of glee
Spraying slivers of smiles
In that land my dear
We shall meet one day
Or will it be night
I’m not too sure !
Copyright Lily Swarn 6.5.2016
Lily Swarn

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